Branding and Design

Create a compelling, brand-centric visual world through both rational and emotional design.

Our Approach

Everyone knows that branding is much more than a logo and tagline. Your brand’s personality is the sum total of your company’s interaction with the public. Like a person, it has a voice, tone, shape, style, values and intention. Whether you are creating a new brand or planning a rebrand, you’ll need to look at the foundation of your company. Why do you exist? What value do you bring to the world? What is your story and how do you tell it? Our process can draw out and clarify who you are so you can speak clearly, with purpose and impact. It can also be a vital piece in shaping your company’s culture, aligning and rallying toward a shared purpose.

Our brand-centric approach to design is integrated with strategy. We think in terms of creating visual worlds that express your story, engage people on an emotional level and lead to action. Our designers are accomplished in a wide range of disciplines and styles, opening possibilities for the most effective expression of your brand.

Our Services


Brand strategy

Your audience’s entire experience is defined by your brand strategy. We’ll help create a plan to communicate your values, mission, unique selling proposition, and make meaningful, lasting connections that separate you from your competition.


Brand design

It’s more than just a new logo or website, the look and feel of your brand tells a story before your audience reads a single word. Our visual design will make a lasting impression, building trust and communicating your value.


Brand application design

One special area of attention is what we call “brand application design”. A logo, brand guide with colors, patterns, fonts, etc. is a great start. But the actual contact points customers will have with your brand comes through the creative for digital and print. This is where we will create an immersive visual world inspired by and aligned with brand guidelines. This might involve creating a series of illustrations or an icon set. Bringing the brand to life is essential to bridging the gap between brand design and effective visual communication.


Brand Guidelines

With clear, consistent and easy to follow guidelines, anyone within your organization will be able to execute on your brand strategy and communicate with a consistent brand voice and story, driving your business plan forward.


Graphic Design

We've built our art team around highly versatile and competent artist designers, who can take your brand strategy and guidelines and create an endless array of assets that further build a visual world for your audience to experience.


Illustration, Motion Design and Video

Using handcrafted illustration, we can imbue a human element into your brand identity, further connecting with audiences on an emotional level. Through animation, we can bring this artwork to life, creating an experience that delights audiences and holds their attention while you deliver your message.


Web/App UI Design

User experience can make or break the impression that audiences have with your brand. We’ll maximize the efficiency, responsiveness and usability of your apps or website, ensuring that users have a positive experience and continue to engage with your brand.

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