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The field of Unified Communications (UC), which originally began as ‘telecommunications,’ is constantly expanding. Things are always changing as people use new technologies (IM, text, chat, video conferencing) to conduct business.

ISI has created analytics software for the UC industry for over 40 years, providing companies with actionable data about calls and other communications between employees and customers.

ISI needed to update their brand to connect with new customers in a modern, cloud-based, SaaS startup world. Our challenge was to create a fresh new brand image and website, connecting ISI’s value to new audiences while staying true to the company’s historical successes.


As with all brand projects, we began with our discovery process. We listened and learned from ISI’s team of industry veterans, who brought an understanding of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, competition, and position in the UC landscape.

Our deep-dive helped us understand ISI’s unique value and the story that we would tell through visual and written language.

We began to weave the pieces together into a compelling narrative that was authentic to its past and forward-looking to its future.

From there, we began to work on a brand blueprint that would capture this story and give ISI a robust and impactful identity that would stand out in a crowded and noisy marketplace.


After the brand blueprint was crafted, refined, and approved, we began our design process. We used mood boards to create an aesthetic that would define the tone of all visual communication to follow.

After iterating and refining these mood boards, we began to sketch the logomark that would become the brand’s most iconic image. We wanted to capture the two polarities of ISI’s business, balancing their software’s analytical, data-driven utility – with the human-to-human connection at the heart of all communication.


We began with a vibrant color palette, fitting a high-tech SaaS company, and used soft, curved lines to outline an image of three people connected with data. Along with the logo, we created a colorful icon set to showcase their various products, giving each a unique character and a premium feel. We also incorporated geometric shapes and patterns throughout the website to further bring ISI’s story to life.


Brand Tagline

Along with the visual design, we created an unforgettable tagline to convey ISI’s complex value proposition in two simple words “Empowering Communication.”

Audiences can interpret this tagline in several ways, which creates an impact on multiple levels:

Empowering Communication - Emphasizing the first word, “Empowering,” as an adjective, creates this meaning: “Our communication is empowering.” When "Empowering” is read as a verb, it conveys another meaning: “We empower your communication.”



ISI’s new brand image is striking. It immediately captures the attention and gains the implicit trust of new audiences through the website or other brand collateral. They are no longer be pigeonholed as a ‘legacy telecommunications’ company but now have an evolved image that is congruent with the expectations of a modern SaaS solution.

ISI’s agility and adaptability to face a changing marketplace is their most significant advantage. Our team at Sonnenberg helped showcase these strengths. With a refreshed brand image, website, and software user interface, ISI has positioned itself to continue leading the UC analytics space for the fifth decade.

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