Panda ExpressCommunity Programs Platform

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • UX Design
  • Email
  • Tech Stack


  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • UX Design
  • Email
  • Tech Stack

Panda Express, the largest Asian restaurant chain in the United States, and a long-term client of Sonnenberg Creative Group, wanted a new platform that made it easier for schools and other organizations to request and host fundraising events that featured the brand’s signature cuisine.

In addition to fundraising, they wanted to create a digital presence for their other community programs, to maintain active participation and growth in the midst of a global pandemic.

Strategic Planning

By diving deep into the user experience for the various site audiences, we imagined a more efficient system using a proprietary interface we developed:

  • Reusable components that simplify request forms
  • Improved scheduling and forecasting with a longer planning horizon
  • Unified ‘hub’ platform with a single sign-on, cross-promoting multiple community programs
  • Integrated workflows between locations, systems, and programs, for operations to approve events, monitor results, and offer help desk support to participants.


We designed the frontend of the Panda Express community page to visually highlight the significance of the brand’s community impact. Using custom illustrations, we showcased the unique personality of each program, enticing viewers to learn more.

After selecting a program, users land on a page that concisely explains the process step-by-step, answers frequently asked questions and delivers a compelling “get started” call to action.

The backend user experience is intuitive and streamlined, allowing users to request events of multiple types, manage events, and request help if needed.


The site is custom built from the ground up. We've created the site to be scalable and modular, developing several microservices that power various areas of the site, like a ticketing system and stats engine. This allows flexibility in the future and allows each component to be "right sized".


This system is now the backbone of Panda’s community programs, serving as a tool to advance their brand mission, build strong relationships, and positively influence sales.

Since 2019, six programs have been launched successfully including:

  • Neighborhood Fundraisers
  • Virtual Fundraisers
  • School Lunch Program
  • Read with Me
  • Achievement Awards
  • Let’s Explore: Lunar New Year

Partnering with Panda Express, Sonnenberg continues to maintain, optimize and grow these programs for maximum impact.

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